Gold and Goblins

In Gold and Goblins, you’re a goblin who enjoys exploration and mining. By fusing different goblins and equipment, you can improve your mining tools and increase your goblins’ muscle size. This adventure game is from the developers of Idle Light City and Dragon Champions. The gameplay of this game is a bit like that of Merge Zoo.

Idle clicker

If you enjoy idle clicker games, you’ll love Gold and Goblins. This addictive game combines puzzles, idle gameplay, and Merge modes for a unique gaming experience. Help the Goblins restore their mines by mining and fusion, and collect more gold to upgrade your goblins.

In this idle clicker game, you must tap repeatedly to mine the coveted gold. Each time you tap, your goblin will grow in size and your gold will increase. Once you have enough gold, you can merge it with other goblins to obtain a large amount of gold. You can play this game by yourself or with a friend. Gold and Goblins has a relaxing atmosphere and no enemies.

You can merge two goblins together to create a powerful new goblin. After merging two goblins, you’ll get an even number of goblins. It’s best to purchase an even number of goblins. This will ensure that you have plenty of goblins at any one time.

Once you’ve leveled up your goblins, you can buy more Goblins. Each Goblin you buy increases in price. You can purchase a higher level Goblin once every 30 minutes. When leveling up your Goblins, you can also collect gold and goblins randomly.


Gold & Goblins is an idle merger game. The main goal of the game is to collect gold by splitting rocks. You can do this by using your strength or by using dynamite. You need to be patient when mining. You can read the beginner’s guide for more information about the game.

The game features a smooth gameplay with wonderful graphics. It combines strategy with gameplay mechanics, which makes it highly addictive. It will make you a gold enthusiast in no time! The game features more than 60 levels of mining in which you must use mining equipment and merge cards to gather gold. Using a unique merge mechanic, you can increase your progress significantly.

In this idle mining game, you will mine rocks and collect gold, explore caves, and play limited time events. In addition, you’ll be able to upgrade your goblins and mineshafts. You’ll also have tons of cards and special abilities to choose from. Gold & Goblins is a great way to spend your free time.


Gold & goblins simulation is a game where you must collect gold coins in order to survive. The more gold coins you collect, the richer you become. You can also unlock new mineshafts to increase your gold income. The journey to mine underground treasures is endless. There are several products you can create to make your mining operation profitable.

This game is developed by AppQuantum studio and is free to download. You must mine gold by managing various mines and you can combine different goblins to create better units. Gold and goblins are also available as upgrades. You can upgrade the mining shafts and make it easier for goblins to mine gold. The game also has hundreds of undiscovered mines to explore. If you want to get rich, you must be persistent and work hard.

As you progress in the game, you will unlock new abilities for goblins. In addition to better mining tools, you will also find bigger muscles. Gold & goblins simulation is a game that is similar to Merge Zoo and Idle Light City. It is a fun game for anyone who loves strategy games.

This game is a great game for gamers who want to spend their idle time mining and trying to find gold. The gameplay is fast and fun and the graphics are beautiful. There are over 60 mines to explore and tons of cards to collect. You can also upgrade your goblins to obtain special abilities. By merging your mining operations, you can accelerate your progress drastically.

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