Conquest of Northgard Guide

You’re ready for the Conquest of Northgard. Here are some of the most important aspects of the game, including Resources, the Story campaign, and AI opponents. If you’re stuck in the middle of a campaign, read on for some tips and tricks to help you beat your opponents! After reading this guide, you’ll be able to conquer Northgard in no time at all! There are a lot of things you need to know about the game and the Conquest of Northgard!

Conquest of Northgard

In the new Warcraft III expansion, the Conquest of Northgard, players will have to overcome various challenges in the game to take back the kingdoms. This new expansion has a number of unique mechanics and features. It will include new units, resources, and events, as well as a new Conquest Map. In addition, this expansion will also introduce Favors, which will allow players to improve their clans and increase their strength.

The game also includes an online mode that allows players to play with friends. It is based on the Norse mythology. The game features new special units, buildings, resources, and events, as well as multiplayer season, difficulty achievements, and Viking clans. If you enjoy this type of game, you’ll likely enjoy the free version of the expansion. If you’re a fan of the Norse mythology, you’ll definitely want to check out the Northgard expansion.


The economy of Northgard is made up of several resources. These include food, wood, krowns, stone, iron, and population. These resources must be managed effectively to give you the advantage over your opponents. Here are the basics of each resource and how to increase its production value. Each month represents one minute of real life. The production value represents how much you can gain or lose in one-sixth of a month.

The Town Hall provides +2 krowns, but the Town Hall will not be enough to sustain your empire. You need multiple Trading Posts, and you should not overlook the early-game resources. By constructing a Trading Post, you will increase your krown production by 30%. Although mining stone is not as important in the early game of Northgard, it is crucial later on. In later stages, players will need stone for carved stones and other building upgrades.

Story campaign

The Viking-themed RTS Northgard was released last year. After spending a year in early access, Shiro Games has continued to add content to the game. It has since added Ragnarok map, an editor, and other features. Now, the developer is ready to roll out its fifth major update for the game. To find out more about the new features, read on. This review will outline the biggest changes in the new release.

The first story mission in the game introduces the gameplay mechanics. Players assume the role of Brand, a Stag Clan member. They are given the task of organizing an expedition to Northgard. The first mission consists of building a Woodcutter’s Lodge and Scout Camp on the northern shore. They must also create two scouts. During the journey, they encounter three abandoned houses that they must repair.

AI opponents

The AI in Northgard is hit and miss. The difficulty can vary a lot depending on which map you choose, so you’ll need to be lucky or have good strategies to beat them. Even the hardest difficulties are difficult enough that you’ll still have to make stupid decisions from time to time. Even if you’ve mastered the game’s strategy, the AI in Northgard can be a frustrating challenge. Here are some tips for surviving against Northgard’s AI.

In Northgard, you are a Viking clan, whose objective is to protect the clan from enemies and complete the objective set out for you. The world is divided into tile spaces, each with different factions vying for control of that space. Each Viking clan starts the game controlling a tile and a group of villagers. While you’re controlling that tile, you must use the villagers and other resources to survive.

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