Information About the Gameplay of Candy Crush Saga

Are you looking for information about the Gameplay of Candy Crush Saga? Read on!
We have compiled some of the most important information about this addictive
game. We’ll cover its Gameplay, Characters, Levels, and Storyline. So you’re ready
to dive in! Here’s some advice. You’ll be glad you did. Hopefully, the information
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If you haven’t heard of Candy Crush Saga yet, you’re in for a treat. This match-3
game combines smooth match-3 mechanics with high-end level design. You’ll solve
puzzles and race against the clock in this addictive game. But before we get to the
game’s gameplay, let’s look at how the game works. Listed below are some of the
most important tips for a successful game experience.
The game features colorful graphics and simple movements. It has over 100 levels
and a variety of game modes that are suitable for both young and old players. You
can challenge yourself by playing in the Jelly mode or in the Ingredients mode to
earn more stars. Whatever level you play, you’ll never run out of sweet challenges!
But before getting into the gameplay, let’s talk about the different levels. There are
five different game modes to play, each one requiring quick thinking and strategy.


In the first game, players are introduced to portals, which warp candies from one tile
to the next. This game mechanic is also introduced in the sequels, which are named
after different types of foods, drinks, and candy. Like other puzzle games, Candy
Crush Saga is all about puzzles and completing them. To move on to the next
episode, players must match up at least three candies of the same type.
In its debut, the game featured advertising to drive revenue, but now less than 10
percent of players opt for in-app purchases. This mobile game has become one of
the most successful on the web, earning over 500 million downloads on the Google
Play Store alone. The game has also made its mark in the mobile gaming industry,
attracting the attention of developers beyond the mobile space. However, the game
continues to receive praises from critics and players alike.


In Candy Crush Saga, there are five types of levels. These levels are introduced in
the first episode, Candy Town, and they make up approximately 43% of all levels.
Each episode has on average six jelly levels, but older episodes tend to contain
seven. To unlock the next level, players must match at least three of the same color.
Occasionally, players will be given the opportunity to break a special candy,
requiring them to make a four or five-candie combination.
In Candy Crush Saga, you can speed up time by choosing the right boosters. You can
use boosters to help you clear more Blockers or get more extra points. These power-
ups will appear in the top-right corner of the screen. Using them will let you start the
level quickly. You can also use them to improve your chances of reaching the
objectives of a level. However, players should always think carefully before choosing
a booster.


The game features many recurring characters. For example, in the episode called
“Savory Shores,” you’ll meet a little mermaid who resembles the main character
Tiffi. This means that the two are actually twins, though they are not identical. As a
bonus, they have different colors and can be used to complete challenges. In the
game, players can also change the color of other candies in the game.
The game also includes several features, such as bonus conditions and general
tasks. The characters and candies in Candy Crush Saga collect bonuses from the
candies that they destroy, and these bonuses can be used to buy boosters. The
game requires Adobe Flash to play. While it may be difficult for some players to
download and install the game, the free version is well worth the download. In
addition, it requires no currency and no annoying advertisements to play.

Reward system

The game’s reward system consists of points and scores, which are calculated
during and after levels. There are also score requirements for each level, usually
multiples of 20. There are also champion titles that provide a +10% bonus to your
score and allow you to earn odd scores. For instance, jelly fish gives you 250 points
and can yield multiples of ten. You can also unlock episodes and milestones through
social treasures.
The rewards in Candy Crush Saga are simple but effective. Players are rewarded for
the time and creativity they put into matching candies. Moreover, they receive extra
sweet stuff if they create cascades of matches. The reward system allows you to
reset your date and gain unlimited lives. There are also special candies that you can
unlock in later levels. You can also set the date forward in your game to earn free

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