Challenge Friends in Match Masters With Game Cheats

The Match Masters game cheats will help you unlock Boosters, Outfits, Trophies, and
Diamond Stickers. There are several ways to get these things. Here are some of


The number of boosters in the Match Masters game is quite extensive. There are five
types: bronze, silver, gold, and legend. Generally, you can use any of the abovementioned types against your opponents, but they do not guarantee victory.
Beginners can also use bronze boosters against their opponents. These types of
boosters can be obtained through daily gifts and events. The more experienced
players can use the legendary boosters against their opponents.
Another way to obtain free boosts and gifts is to play the Match Masters game daily.
The daily gifts are a good way to acquire boosts and free coins. Just make sure you
use these codes before they expire. By spending a few minutes each day, you can
increase your chance of winning games. If you want to maximize your earnings, you
should try boosting your team. It will help you to reach higher scores and tip the
game in your favor. Boosters are also great if you’re looking to make some big


There are some great ways to earn coins to unlock new outfits in the Match Masters
game. Purchasing new outfits will increase your chances of winning. You can
purchase different outfits for your characters in the “Wardrobe” tab of the game.
You can also choose to use your Facebook profile picture for your avatar and profile
picture. The more outfits you collect, the more coins you will earn. You can buy
outfits using coins or during special sales.


In the Match Masters game, trophies mark your progress. They unlock different
ranks and studios. Trophies are earned by beating higher-tiered boosters and
legendary players. It is very important to collect as many trophies as possible so you
can advance in the game. In addition, there are perks you can use to improve your
performance. Read on to find out more about them. Here are some ways to earn
more trophies:
Aim for a higher score in each battle. This will earn you more stars, which will allow
you to unlock different perks. To earn three stars, you must beat the loser’s score by
more than 30 points. You can achieve this by earning over 200 trophies. If you reach
the 200-trophies milestone, you will unlock a hammer. As you collect trophies, you
can find the milestone map by tapping on the cartoon characters on the home

Diamond Stickers

Match Master is an exciting game where you have to compete against your friends
in various levels and win tournaments in order to earn diamond stickers. These
stickers are collected in different ways. Players can earn stickers by completing
different levels, participating in special events, and spinning the wheel. In addition,
players can use these stickers to send to their friends. The next step to earn
Diamond Stickers in Match Masters is to collect them all.
There are 13 types of diamond boosters in the game. Some of them are Vinnie
Valentine, Colonel Mcquack, Woolly Workout, Foxy Roxy, and Doctor Color. Each
type has three stages. You can collect one of them by exchanging it with your
friends or teammates. Diamond Stickers can be exchanged in any way. Diamond
stickers can also be traded with other players to earn extra rewards.

Challenge friends

You can now Challenge friends in Match Masters with game cheats. This popular
game consists of online turn-based match-3 tournaments where you can connect
with your friends and play against them in real time. Match Masters cheats can help
you take advantage of different match-three boards and ensure winning results.
With this guide, you can start winning today! This game is a great way to get some
extra boosts for your game!
There are six types of gold boosters in the game. These are the Laser Beam, Magic
Wand, Balloon Blast, Sweep It, Mastermind, and Lil Dragon. Gold boosters are much
stronger than silver or bronze boosters. You can use these boosters to make
powerful moves against your opponent. Here are some tips that will help you earn
gold boosters quickly. Once you earn enough gold boosters, you can then use them
to upgrade your character.

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