Apex Legends – What You Need to Know

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale-hero shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It was released in February 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and is slated to be available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 in March 2021. It will also be released on the Xbox Series X/S in 2022. You’ll need to know some basics before you start playing Apex Legends.


Despite the game’s recent leak, many players have been surprised to see new characters and weapons. The leak has been spreading amongst the gaming community, and it also reveals a new map for Apex Legends. Among the new characters are Conduit, shield Support, mobile defensive character, and spectating/control Recon. The leak has also revealed that the game will introduce a fifth class – Horizon.

As of today, Apex Legends offers 21 playable characters, including the new Seer and the returning Valkyrie. However, this number is likely to grow with each season. Starting the game, players only have access to the first six playable characters. If they wish to unlock the other characters, they will have to buy premium currency or use tokens earned through levelling up. Listed below are some of the more popular characters.


In the game Apex Legends, there are a few rules and tips you should follow if you want to obtain maximum loot. It’s important to understand which types of resources you need before you begin a match. Typically, teams will wait for a third party to attack them when they’re most vulnerable. Rather than sabotaging yourself by constantly rushing to a third party, try restocking your supplies and moving before the enemy team can.

The most obvious way to increase your loot in Apex Legends is to buy skins. You can purchase skins in a variety of prices. Purchasing one Apex-legends skin will cost you up to $13, so it’s important to spend the money wisely. Legendary gun skins and character skins are available every week, so you can easily get one every couple of weeks.


For beginners, you should try the RE-45 Autopistol. It’s a move-while-shooting weapon that deals 16 body and 24 headshot damage. Due to its fast reload speed and low DPS, this weapon is a great choice as a starter weapon. Its low recoil makes it easy to handle, and it uses light ammo. But be careful – it’s the weakest weapon in the game.

The sniper rifle is a beast at long range and is nerfed by Respawn Entertainment, although it’s still a beast compared to other weapons. This weapon uses Light Ammo and doesn’t use a magazine, meaning you won’t run out while picking off enemies from a distance. Overall, the weapons in Apex Legends are decent, but they’re changing constantly. Read on to find out which Apex Legends weapon is best for you!


There are a lot of different maps in Apex Legends, but the Storm Point map will be the largest, and it will have a ton of POIs. The previous two maps, World’s Edge and Olympus, had a lot of POIs as well, but the new map will have 17, which is tied with Kings Canyon. The open areas in Storm Point make it ripe for adding more, as well. The Barometer is a huge spinning platform with plenty of loot.

There are also new maps in Apex Legends, including the King’s Canyon map, which is set on the planet Solace. Players will be able to queue in this map to experience a different type of environment. This map has a river running through it and also has a mountain environment and a desert biome. However, you’ll have to be careful when playing this map, as it may be too chaotic and confusing.


The Story of Apex Legends is set before the end of the game. The game is set in the same universe as Titanfall. It is set centuries before the time of the Great War. Before that, there were many different factions and faction leaders, but one faction stood above the rest: the Syndicate. This faction was the most powerful, but many players resented their leadership. The Syndicate was founded by one of its members, Ash. This faction fought for the survival of the human race, and it was infamous for using soldiers to protect their colonies.

The Game’s Story of Apex Legends is as varied as the game itself. It evolves into new things each season, including mini-PvE objectives, animations, and comics. There are also a few characters that are shared between Titanfall and Apex Legends. Despite the differences between the two games, they share a common theme. Despite the differences in their lore, both titles feature original storylines that are not found in the previous games.

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