How to Join a Clan in Brutal Age

In Brutal Age, you can join a clan and compete with other players. You can also
create your own clan. The process for this depends on your level, power, and other
statistics. Creating your own clan in Brutal Age allows you to create and manage
your own characters. In case you’re not happy with your Brutal Age clan, you can
leave it. To do this, you can tap the “Manage” button at the bottom right corner of
the screen. After that, simply select the “Exit Horde” button. You will lose all benefits
from the horde, but you can still keep the coins you win.

Brutal Age: Horde Invasion

Brutal Age: Horde Invade is a strategy game that focuses on building an empire. To
get started, players must create a base. They will need wood, food, and XP to
complete the task. If you build your base successfully, you will earn food and XP.
Alternatively, you can simply explore your base to find resources and fight other
players. The game has a prehistoric theme and features clannish behavior and

Joining a horde

In Brutal Age, you can join a horde to help your fellow players. This helps you in the
game by reducing the construction time of buildings and increasing your speed. You
can join a horde if you are level one or higher. As you level up, you can recruit
additional horde members. Each member of a horde can help you build certain
buildings. You can also gain coins from the clan members. These coins can be used
to buy items such as accelerations and teleportations.
Once you’ve joined a horde, you can change your racial appearance to another color
if you want. You can do this by asking your Clan Leader, and they will do this for you
for free or for a small fee of 50k gems. The downside of changing your racial
appearance is that you’ll stay as the strongest player for 14 days. After that,
changing it will cost you 10k gems and 2 million clan coins, which means you’ll be
stuck with your racial stance until you can get over it. This is why it’s essential to
find a way to avoid selecting the horde.
Aside from boosting your stats, a horde in Brutal Age can improve your skills and
improve your tribe’s performance in the game. They’ll also reduce your transaction
tax and trading costs by around 30%. The best part is, they can help you in other
areas as well, including combat and research. And they can also reduce your
construction time by up to five percent.

Earning clan coins

There are several ways to earn clan coins in Brutal Age. The first is to create your
own website. You can do this on the main page of the game. Once you do, you’ll be
directed to a page where you can choose from a variety of templates. Simply select
the one that you like and you’re on your way! Then, you can collect coins and other
resources to equip your character.
Another way to earn clan coins is to complete clan quests. These can take a while to
complete, but you can speed up the process by using a speed boost item.
Completing these quests will earn you EXP, resources, and clan coins. You can also
help other clan members to earn more coins.

Fighting Elite Smilodons

Clan members can earn rewards based on their ranks by defending their Clan from
attacks from the Elite Smilodon. To obtain a rank reward, players must earn 90,000
points. Players can earn additional personal points when they defend Clan members
against Smilodon attacks. The Elite Smilodon will send waves every 5 waves, and
they are much stronger than previous Smilodons. Clan members must work together
to defend their Clan members from the attacks of Smilodons.
The Smilodona attacks the players’ outposts and leaves them burned for 30 minutes.
During this time, players can use crystals to put out the fire. Rage of Heaven: This
attack sets fire to all outposts within six squares of its target area. It deals a small
amount of dmage to players, and it ignores Peace Shield. In addition to attacking
players, Smilodons also cause damage to Garrisons.
Added two new lairs for the Smilodons. Smilodon Attack duration was shortened and
rewards improved. The rewards in Elite Challenge and Strongest Barbarian events
were also adjusted. The Super Server also has exclusive bonus buffs.

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