Kingdom Two Crowns Shogun Game Review

You can choose a different color for your monarch in Kingdom Two Crowns Shogun, or you can use a color preset in the Shogun campaign. To change the color of your monarch, you must click on the character on the loading screen. Once you select a color, however, you cannot change it later. Once you select a color, it is applied to the randomly created coat of arms of your kingdom. Unfortunately, the Android version of the game does not allow you to customize your monarch’s coat of arms.


Kingdom Two Crowns is a cooperative multiplayer game that was first announced at the Game Developers Conference in February 2017. Originally, the game was set to be a multiplayer expansion pack for Kingdom: New Lands. Its release date was slated for the end of the year, and it was supposed to coincide with the Nintendo Switch edition of New Lands. However, the game has since been delayed.

The main benefit of playing the game in co-op mode is that both players can manage their kingdoms simultaneously. This means that they can explore more territory and collect twice as many coins and gems. In addition, they can use their coinage to construct walls and guard towers. If one of the players loses a crown, the other can gather gold coins and gems to reclaim it.

The game has several different campaign settings. At launch, players can choose from the Shogun campaign, and there will be more to come. These are not reskins, but rather completely different strategies for ruling the Kingdom. They also feature completely new environments, items, and characters.


The multi-player mode in Kingdom Two Crowns Shogun adds a new dynamic to the game. It allows players to work together to expand their kingdom and find treasures. The cooperative mode gives the game a new and more enjoyable dynamic. Cooperative play makes it easier to get started and offers an experience that is not as intimidating for players who are new to the game.

The game also offers a lot of replay value. Its visuals are very good. The simple graphics produce beautiful environmental imagery. One of the most impressive scenes in the game is when you see the sun rise and start a new day. This is a visual treat and provides respite from the dark nights.

In addition to the new multiplayer mode, Kingdom Two Crowns Shogun has several new features. First, the game now features biomes. While the biomes aren’t as big as the other updates, they give players a different visual experience. For now, there are only two biomes – the Shogun biome and the Dead Lands biome. However, the developers plan to introduce more biomes in the future. However, it is unknown if these new biomes will be paid additions.


You can only recruit ninjas during the Shogun biome, as the default biome only contains pikemen. While they are similar in looks, the mechanics are different. You can also recruit ninjas to lead attack squads. To unlock ninjas, you need 8 gold to purchase them, and it will cost two gold to upgrade a peasant.

To hire ninjas, you must have a ninja dojo, which can be found at the fifth-tier town center. When unlocked, it will appear right next to the siege workshop. When it is nighttime, ninjas will be hiding in the bamboo forest, and attack the enemy by leaping out of a bamboo chute. Ninjas use katanas for melee attacks, and shurikens for low-range attacks. They will disappear into a puff of smoke if they lose their weapons, but will then reappear in the form of villagers.

Ninjas are an extremely useful part of the game. While the ninjas may not produce currency, they are a great addition to the game’s combat system. If you’re looking for a new way to earn gold in Kingdom Two Crowns Shogun, ninjas can be the perfect choice. These warriors are highly skilled and will do anything to help their lord win.

Game Pass

Kingdom Two Crowns is a strategy game that will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. If you are looking for a way to enjoy the game with friends, consider getting a Game Pass. You will be able to unlock a range of exclusive content, including multiplayer modes, new NPCs, and more.

Game Pass for Kingdom Two Crowns offers a variety of content, including more than one game, new characters, and new environments. The Shogun campaign is available on the day of the game’s launch, and more will be added after the initial release. The different campaign settings don’t just feature new characters or environments; they offer different strategies for ruling the Kingdom. Each campaign setting comes with completely new characters, items, and environments.

Whether you choose to play solo or with a friend, Kingdom Two Crowns is a game that requires careful planning and strategy. Playing with a friend can help you cover more territory and accomplish tasks faster. Plus, the game is compatible with local and online co-op.

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