Clockmaker – Match 3 Games With an Old-Timey Victorian Theme

If you love puzzle games, you will love Clockmaker! This one has an Old-timey Victorian theme. The game is a Match 3 puzzle, but with an Endless Life Bonus. The levels are varied and the gameplay is fast-paced, but not too fast. You must match the right pairs of pieces in order to win each level, and if you get stuck, you can restart the game and try again.

Match 3 puzzle game

If you enjoy match-3 puzzle games, you’ll love Clockmaker: Match 3 Games. This puzzle game, created by BELKA GAMES, features thousands of levels of adventure. It has all the classic elements of match-3 games, including matching jewels, cascading levels, and special boosters. And you can play offline as well as online!

In the game, you play as the clockmaker. Each time he fails, he loses a life. Once he loses all five lives, he will wait for 30 minutes before he can get another life. To avoid this, players can ask their friends for extra lives. Life points are awarded after a certain number of successful levels, but they don’t last forever.

This match-3 puzzle game is perfect for those who enjoy playing games that make them think. The game is based on the concept of the 19th century, with an old-fashioned look and atmosphere. It features recurring, competitive events and puzzle-solving mechanics.

Endless life bonus

The Endless Life bonus is one of the biggest rewards in Clockmaker. This bonus takes effect instantly and is not cumulative. It begins right after a player starts playing the game and continues until the player exits the game. Players can collect extra lives through completing certain tasks or collecting specific items. This bonus can be purchased in boosters or by collecting the right items throughout the game.

Clockmaker: Amazing Match 3 is a match-three puzzle game. The goal is to match up three or more gems. The game is a mixture of puzzle and adventure elements. Players will solve puzzles by matching gems with similar colors. The game features a mystical atmosphere and hundreds of levels.


Levels of a clockmaker are a challenge for those who enjoy match-3 puzzles. The game’s unique mechanics and cryptic narrative will have you replaying levels over again. The most challenging levels involve blending together a variety of different special elements to create a single board.

In addition to the challenge presented by the different puzzles, different locations also give players the chance to collect winning items. These items will help you unlock new levels and can be obtained by solving match-3 puzzles. You can also buy rubies to purchase new items and unlock new locations. While you may find these items difficult to find, this does not prevent you from obtaining them.

To increase your score, you can complete tasks that earn extra lives. You can also ask friends for life points. Obtaining life points is a great way to earn extra lives. However, it is important to remember that you’ll have only five lives at a time. If you lose all of them, you’ll have to wait 30 minutes to receive another one.


Boosters for Clockmaker are available to buy in game to improve your chances of completing a level and acquiring bonus crystals. Clockmaker is a very challenging game. There are times when it feels like the game is conspiring against you and generating unfriendly layouts, but you can improve your chances of success by using Boosters.

Boosters cost one move to create and have a unique ability. When they are set off, they clear a three-square-radius. They also destroy gems with a “+” pattern and remove chips of the same color.

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