Horizon Chase Game Review

The new game Horizon Chase is a tribute to the legendary driver Ayrton Senna, and features a wealth of new cars, tracks, and features. The game also features music by Barry Leitch, who has created many classic arcade racing game soundtracks. Here, we take a look at some of the highlights of Horizon Chase.

Game modes

Horizon Chase is a racing game that focuses on a variety of different types of tracks and game modes. It has a classic 16-bit aesthetic with a modern touch, which blends low and high-poly themes in the game’s graphics. It also features a variety of different environments based on its various game locations, from snowy mountains to cities to coastal rides. The game is also known for its colorful palette, which makes it reminiscent of the ’90s arcade racing games.

Players can challenge themselves with the game’s two main game modes: Arcade racing and multiplayer. In Arcade Mode, you can race against other players on the same track to get the best score. In Horizon Chase Turbo, you must break and catch a car at the right time to win the race, but you also have to avoid colliding with other competitors. In multiplayer mode, players can also compete against each other through split-screen multiplayer.

Art direction

The art direction of Horizon Chase is bold and colorful, evoking the retro feel of games from the ’90s. The game’s environments range from snowy mountains to deserts to costal rides, blending high and low-poly themes. The resulting visual style makes for a game that feels great.

The game’s graphics were created through the careful manipulation of existing artwork. The most difficult part was stitching the different graphics together. This was done with a goal of creating an experience that evokes the look and feel of the game from twenty-three years ago. The game is a must-play for fans of retro graphics.

The game’s soundtrack is composed by the original composer of Top Gear games, creating a retro atmosphere. The soundtrack features a blend of synthesizers and stripped-down rock styles that add authenticity to the game’s retro aesthetics.


The Horizon Chase controls are pretty simple and straightforward. There’s no brake or accelerator button, but you can use the d-pad and stick to steer your car. The game also features an in-game map that tells you your location and destination. There are obstacles along the way, and different weather conditions affect how you steer your car. The game has 73 tracks spread across 40 cities.

Horizon Chase Turbo is a follow-up to Horizon Chase and may be the best arcade-style racing game since Outrun 2006 and Coast 2 Coast. Both games offer pick-up-and-play fun, but Horizon Chase Turbo adds a lot of extra content. You’ll be able to play against a rival and unlock new vehicles.


The Soundtrack for Horizon Chase is a riot of synths and sonic complexity. The game’s title theme is an ear-splitting opening sequence with screeching synth lines and electro-hand-claps. Then, the game’s soundtrack takes a more melodic turn with a soulful, melodramatic song called “Jentay.”

The game’s soundtrack is a retro-styled homage to the games of old, and was composed by legendary composer Barry Leitch. It features 15 original tracks, as well as eleven remixes of songs from the original game. Aside from the game’s original soundtrack, the game’s music features a slew of homages to classic 16-bit racing games.


If you love retro racing games, you’ll love Horizon Chase. It features eight new stunning tracks and two new cars. It was developed by Aquiris Game Studio S.A., and features different challenges, like racing in volcanic ashes. The gameplay is challenging and rewarding, with an addictive and fun pace.

The game features two game modes: World Tour and Endurance. World Tour lets you progress through the world by choosing one race at a time, and it’s a great way to compete against friends. You can also play cooperatively with AI. Endurance mode lets you play several races at once, installing upgrades and racking up points. In this mode, you can use your upgraded car to gain extra time, which is similar to tower mode.

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